Red’s the Colour

Red’s the Colour

This is the third poem in my colour series. The first is black and the second is the battle of black and colour

Red’s the colour

red proved the toughest contender
in the fiery battle between black and colour

he was a radical mover and shaker
a hot-blooded fighter

who waved the scarlet standard tall
for black to see and force to fall

he led all colours deep into the heated battle
memories of the long dark days

ignited their passions

which raged and flared
creating their own light

they revelled in the spilling of crimson blood
and black recoiled in horror,

the battle was won
and red rolled out the carpet for his friends

power to the petite

of every shade
advanced into the open

a revolutionary freedom
cause for celebration

let’s paint the town,


Musical accompaniment: Billy Bragg – Red Flag

17 thoughts on “Red’s the Colour

  1. My favourite, and Red is a he, no argument. Glad to see he ‘rolled out the carpet for his friends’! Ha ha!
    It is also the colour of Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec.. I need a drink!

    1. Haha – I contemplate the gender of red, and yes, it had to be a he for this story. That was a red carpet of course. I was trying to incorporate a red wine into the story (maybe the celebratory drinks) but pink champagne was the closest I got, and thank goodness I didn’t include that stuff. I am sipping on a shiraz at this very moment (went well with the spaghetti bolognaise I made for dinner). Cheers!

  2. the old joke: what is black and white and red all over? the newspaper ha ha
    i love the way you have given character to the colors! brilliant work gabrielle, bravo!

  3. Can see a little collection comeing together here Gabe… one of my favourite colour poems is Green sees things in waves by August Kleinzahler (who is coming out to QPF 2010!). The way he portrays green is superb…

  4. I know your red is a he but I saw a woman with a
    Bloody dagger raised screaming “to the black Bastille ” of course she is followed by peasants dressed in every color.
    I love this color thing, always I think of Axis bold as love,Hendrix tune.
    Thanks for black
    Thanks for red

  5. I like how in your tags you have mentioned Billy Bragg because I thought of him immediately upon reading this. Red is the standard bearer, the Richard the Lionheart of colours. Isn’t it interesting that he/she can also be so fiery and volatile?

    I am really enjoying this series!

    1. It is interesting how colours often have contradictory meanings attached to them. I’ve linked to the Billy Bragg song ‘red flag’ at the bottom of the post – bit hard to see I know. Love that song! Thanks Selma (hope you’re feeling a bit better).

  6. It is interesting to read about colours. Their meaning is as different as the way we see them. I used to have favorite colours and red was high on the list, but the more I explore them, the more I love them all. a very good series Gabrielle!

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