I have written this poem in response to a wonderful short story Redolent by blogger extraordinaire Selma in the City about the colour red. If you haven’t stopped by Selma’s blog, please do – she is one of the loveliest, kindest, sweetest human beings on the planet.

This is a poem in a series about colour, with red going next (my favourite colour!)


There was a girl all dressed in black
slow danced with alchemy

black lace-up leather stomping boots
deflected her enemy

her ankle-length black woollen coat
safeguarded her from cold

malicious creatures all around
she built the protective fold

hair and makeup, black as black as
the ace of spades, the facade

she placed the death card for all to see
to heed the sign of the scarred.

24 thoughts on “Black

  1. I have read Selma’s story now, and I thank you very much for showing this person’s work to me.

    Your poem is also a lovely depiction of colour in life, and the influence it can have.

  2. I am thrilled to have inspired you to write this because I love when that happens. It is like a kind of writing synchronicity.

    It’s funny, but your poem has described the way I used to dress (and still do on occasion.) I felt when wearing my long black coat and big boots that I was safe from all the ills of the world. There was definitely a kind of alchemy at play.

    This poem is a treasure to me today. Thank you.

    1. Selma, I have been driving quite a bit today (stocking up from Bundaberg) and I couldn’t stop thinking about your wonderful story – the way the red kept creeping in πŸ™‚ it’s put a smile on my dial. I used to dress like that too (and still have the coat but not the lace up knee high boots – which I just loved to bits) – but I had blond hair (my hair was always to light to take to black dye – hahaha) and didn’t go the black lipstick or nail polish – heavy on the eyeliner though. Now the red keeps creeping into my life, just like in your story – synchronicity for sure!

  3. black contains all the colors, it is a mystery-colors are so complex and black so traditionally solemn, yet in costume makes a strong but subtle statement. it is a comfort in a way to don black from head to toe, it is a feeling of being enclosed,
    protected, safe and warm and black also absorbs all light like a light-magnet. wonderful poem gabrielle! i love the visual sense of it, magnificent

    1. thanks tipota – it does make you feel safe – I am fascinated by the various meanings we superimpose on colour, for instance the fact that black is associated with mourning, but so is white.

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