Froggy photo remix

A little kiss and prince charming will appear!' says froggy, 'then there will be two of us?'

That would be my better half, but enough of him. John Jacobs, producers from ABC POOL, asked my permission to use one of my froggy photos in a remix. I’m excited!

Thanks John. Here is the link to the POOL for the post ‘When data communities converge’.

Here is the original photo


Here is the remix

ABC POOL remix

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    1. It just means changing the media (photos, recordings) through collaboration to make something new and interesting. The POOL is all about working with other people. You assign your work (or posts on the ABC POOL website) whatever license you want (including all rights reserved), and are encouraged to have open licenses or creative commons licenses, where others use your work to create something new.

      ‘ABC Pool is a social media space that brings together ABC professionals and audiences in an open-ended process of participation, co-creation and collaboration. It’s a place to share and talk about creative work – music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more.’ POOL website

    1. Thanks tipota – Mum’s doing OK for the moment, but she has inoperable cancer so we don’t know how long she has. We just went to Brisbane and had a few days with her, so that was lovely.

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