Speedpoets is a legendary spoken word event held monthly in Brisbane and has been running now for over a decade. Poets can recite their stuff for 2 minutes as part of the open mic section of the event and there are also feature poets who take the stage for about 10 minutes. Poet and small press publisher Graham Nunn (master chef of the poetic kitchen) is one of the founding members and powerhouses behind the running of Speedpoets and blogs at Another Lost Shark. Speedpoets contributes greatly to the live poetry scene in Brisbane.

Graham has published my poem ‘Teapots and Sentiment Tea’ in the June edition of Speedpoets magazine (Vol 9.4). I am very impressed with this great little mag, packed full of poetry. I am happy to be sharing the pages with the likes of Paul Squires and his poem ‘The Brisbane River’.

My poem ‘Migaloo’ will be published in the July edition. This is good timing as the white whale Migaloo has just recently been sighted off the Queensland coast.

Thanks Graham for including my poems and hopefully I’ll be able to get to Speedpoets soon to recite them in person.

Teapots and Sentiment Tea

Our friend Mark collected teapots.

We used to hang out in groups
loose collectives of young honey bees
raging in a beehive structure
vaguely understood by


One blue day
when Brisbane began to warm
we swarmed to the Spring Hill fair
jazz notes floating on heating air
in concert with wafts of incense
street food and muti-coloured tshirts for sale
too many but never enough
pots of icy cold fourex beer
scotch and coke, if you’d won last nights
game of cards
off our face laughter
time on our hands
in the laziest of hazy days.

A brightly coloured fat teapot
came home with us in the yellow cab.

Groups change shape over time
sulk off into the distance
when outsiders pick us off, one by one.

Mark was picked off early
just another traffic accident
on the 6 o’clock news.

I’ll never forget his collection of teapots.


We know Migaloo.

We’ve seen him on the TV
on his trip each year.
Awesome sight
white whale.

Migaloo migrates
south to north
north to south
coast completed
land vibrates from his heart beating
feeding, breeding
like he has time on his hands
in Hervey Bay.

Safe place for humpback whales
tranquil waters
sheltered by K’gari
largest sand island
away from whale hunters
so called researchers
far from Orca
who would rip his succulent tongue out.

white fella
we keep the tourist boats far from you
nothing must hurt Migaloo.

We know you.

14 thoughts on “Speedpoets

  1. Félicitations Gabrielle,
    so nice to see your poems published, and being with Paul, good company!
    I laughed when you said “Poets can recite their stuff for 2 minutes”. Puts everything in perspective. I draw stuff and people might look at it for 2 seconds, and it is good.

  2. Thanks for this Gabe! I really hope that you can make it down to one of the gigs this year. Would be wonderful to hear you breathing life into your poems. July issue will be out soon, so keep an eye on that letter box!

  3. dear gabrielle,

    these two poems have filled me of some familiar emotions about nature and friends, we have lost and we will be losing. it is like a sand out of our hands, in time, the wind blows away and take them from us. but the best thing about memories, is that it becomes handy when we need to remember them, occupying some minutes in the recesses of our minds.

    thanks for inspiring me today.

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