What a day in politics. Today Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister of Australia, in a ‘bloodless coup’

My cousin Anna Burke is a Backbencher in the Labour Party but was away today and missed all the action. What a day to be away.

Congratulations Julia!

I thought I would resurrect a poem I wrote ages ago about Kevin Rudd, before we totally forget about him. This is an affectionate dig at Kevin – not to be taken as an attack on the man who helped pull us through the Global Financial Crisis.

Thanks Kevin.

Mind your language Kevin

flaunting assertive flesh
exciting the people.

imitating the Yogi Subbayah Pullaver
with extended verbal levitation
above the heads of the people.

Verbal diarrhoea whilst yogic flying
or pectoral excellence while fly-fishing?

15 thoughts on “Mind your language Kevin

  1. I didn’t realise Anna Burke was your cousin. That is awesome. I bet she’s kicking herself for missing all the action.

    I’m actually not sad to see Rudd go (even though I voted for him). For me he really lived up to his name as the Milky Bar Kid. He overlooked a lot of issues that are very important to me.

    That doesn’t detract from the fact that your poem is fabulous. Pectoral excellence is the term of the week!!

    1. Thanks Selma. Yes, my mother’s maiden name is Burke (Anna is Mum’s brothers daughter – she’s won her seat in the last 3 elections – so proud of her). This is the best day, I’m so excited I’m jumping around all over the place – I’m sad for Kevin as a person but not as a politician.

      My brother Peter used to be a bodybuilder, so pectoral excellence was high on his things to have.

  2. Although I am not a labor voter (usually) He must be given credit for paid maternity leave, as you say, taking quick and decisive action on averting major damage during the financial crisis, would have had an ETS if the Libs had not renegged on the deal, took action on the Murray Darling, started court action against whaling, signed Kyoto, pledged help for Aborigines and started that by saying “Sorry” in one of the best speeches I have heard anywhere by abybody, and a few other improvements like health and the tax system.

    Really, he was undermined by the media and by an opposition that could not believe they had lost Government. Although his well meant insulation scheme attacted some shonky operators whose methods resulted in the deaths of four workers, we should remember that J W Howard (interntionally) declared war on a nation that posed no threat to us and that war has killed thousands of people so far!

    Kev should have gone for the DD early. He would have won and had his ETS up and running. Such a pity.

    However, judging by Julia Gillard’s performance on the 7.30 Report last night, she has already assumed the dignity of office, and so long as she isn’t caught eating her own ear wax in pubic, she should make a great PM. GO JULIA!

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