Social networking for dogs

Bum sniffing beasties

whiffing their way round town
straining at leads
checking pheromone laced emails

rolling over reeking
rigor mortised possums,

dropping logs
instead of blogs

dispensing regular pee updates
what’s happening
twitter feed for furry friends

wagging their happiness
howling their displeasure
nose to bum
ear to ear
disconnected but connected
neighbourhood pack.

18 thoughts on “Social networking for dogs

  1. When I come across some of the stinky people I encounter on Sydney buses I am glad humans don’t engage in too much sniffing. This was such a fun poem. I really like the line ‘rigor mortised possums.’ That is exactly what dogs are like!

    1. Some people are a bit whiffy aren’t they Selma. I have just read that line again the way you may have interpreted it – and it works both ways – I meant that the dogs roll in dead possums – but it also works as like a dog rolling on it’s back and looking like a dead possum (which they do when they sleep with their legs in the air) – haha!

  2. the thing i love about this poem-its about dogs. i love dogs. i am about to finish reading the “edgar sawtelle story”. i am truly connected with the story and it reminds me of the dogs i had before. i had written about them too in a prose entitled “canine memories”. thanks for posting this. truly inspiring for me.

  3. I love this! Clever you are. Check pheremone laced emails nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing. When I get home, I’m immediately reading it to LuLou and Stella.



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