Heart to Heart

How can a heart love
when it is a muscle
with empty chambers?

How can you
give your heart to someone?
Do they need two hearts?

How can you have a
heart to heart
unless you’re Dr Who?

How can you have a
change of heart
without a transplant?

How can you have
a heavy heart?
Is it a made of gold?

How can you
win a heart?
Was there a lottery?

How can you love someone
to bits and pieces
without blowing them up?

I hope your
heart is in the right place?
Left of centre, beating.

41 thoughts on “Heart to Heart

  1. I LOVE it
    a poem that investigate into language and shows it in its manipulating ways but also makes me ponder about the origin of those sayings.

    i love most the first two and the last (though i think some people have it more to the right – something about the way we are conditioned to think about good and bad, right and wrong)

    i think if you have a Heart of Gold – it might be heavy. which might lead us into another old myth or story…

    Gabe, it is a wonderful poem. i really love it and the multiply levels it speaks to me on.

    1. You have opened my eyes Dhyan – a heart of gold would of course be heavy; those with no heart are never concerned with anything – it is the sensitive amongst us (all poets included by their very nature) who have the heaviest hearts. I know what you mean about the heart being to the right (as in goodness) but I was just having a bit of a fun political statement (plus the heart is literally to the left of the body). Thank you for your ‘heartfelt’ response. Big heart love from me.

      1. i got the political idea. i meant a physical way. some people have their hearts located rather to the right side of the body. you said the heart is in the right place (i like that move too by the way)while it is absolutely right (even if not so common) to have it in the right side..

  2. An absolutely wonderful poem that makes me think and smile. We’ve conjured such imagery for the boss of the body haven’t we? I loved the Dr. Who reference as well as the stanza regarding a transplant! šŸ™‚

  3. Sometimes I wonder about you. Often funny, always sensitive and clever but sometimes I just want to send you some Prozac. Today is s Prozac day. Nice idea… the poem, not the Prozac. šŸ˜‰

    1. All drugs welcome – plain brown wrapped package please – ha,ha. Does it come across as sad; maybe everyone interprets it differently. My heart is a little heavy because my Mum is so sick. Thanks Stafford.

  4. O Gabrielle, good questions about loving hearts. Is it possible to love too much? To love unconditionally? To love without expectations? Can love lead to freedom? Hmmm…there’s more to love than hug hug kiss kiss, isn’t there?

  5. i heart this poem. it masterfully emptied the mind of all but heart, and hearts
    activities, questioning them from a new perspective. i love to see something that
    does this, and it does it so well. and each question following another seemed to rise above the one before, like walking up a stepladder. notice it is up. because there is something open and free about it and it makes no judgments but simply asks, pure beauty

    1. Haha – I agree screamish – that’s my 2nd poem with a Dr who reference. I’m turning into a geek (the other day I bought a portable hub for my PC which is the tardis and makes the noise the tardis makes – my friend said ‘how old are you?’ with patronising overtones).

  6. Have given this some deeply academic philosophical thought and although I am suspicious of answers to ‘how’ that predicate themselves with a ‘when’, I propose that the answer to each is…

    when two hearts beat as one.

    1. You are such a romantic Brad. I could answer from the feminist perspective that we are individuals and whole in that form, not needing another to complete us – but it sounds a bit trite – I like your answer.

  7. Cool, Gabrielle, excellent way to play with well known phrases, the ending especially, is just great – and I wasn’t expecting it either, love that about the poem!

  8. So many vivid images, illustration coming…tres joli!
    here a few in French
    avoir le coeur gros (heavy heart, being sad)
    haut les coeurs ( courage!)
    avoir le coeur sur la main (to have your heart on your hand=to be generous)

    1. Hahahahahaha! Selma, I remember when you blogged about heart expressions (it always stayed in the back of my mind – that’s what happens with me, I think about something for months and then the poem pops out) – so I should thank you for yet another inspiration.

          1. Just read through the comments.
            It did not come across as sad to me.
            Sorry your mum is having a bad time.

            1. It wasn’t really meant to be sad. My son has high functioning autism or aspergers and he takes expressions like these literally so I am always thinking about how expressions might be interpreted by him. Thanks for your thoughts – peace right back at you šŸ™‚

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