Out now!

Short and Twisted 2010, an Australian collection of short stories and poems with a twist, is now available from Celepene Press and will be launched later in the month.

The book contains my poem ‘The Fortune Teller’, a poem about motor bikes and my brother. I posted here originally. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

The Fortune Teller

My brother went to see a fortune teller
who said he would die at the age of twenty-one.
That sharp thorn of thought stuck in my mind.

One day he was riding
a freeway on his motorbike
and the road rearranged his brain.

They patched him up at the hospital
and he walked out with no scars
visible to passers-by.

When he turned twenty-two
I laughed out loud with relief
and hid that thorn in my tin of memorabilia.

One day I took the thorn out of my tin
and showed my mother, laughing as I reminded her of the story
with a frown she said
but he did die, didn’t he.