frogs on a faux frog

I’ve posted a recording of me reading ‘Accidently Green’ on the Internet Archive.

Here is the link

Those Green Tree frogs on the faux frog are real – about the size of an adult’s hand. They don’t mind us at all – the kids sometimes pick them up (after washing their hands to get rid of anything that might harm the frog). They never hop away when you go near them, in fact one jumped on Michael the other night.

My mum has gone into hospital again in preparation for an operation on Tuesday (yes, she changed her mind and agreed to have it). She’ll be in there for a couple of weeks. We’ll all be thinking of her.

Now I better go and pick up my kiddliewinks from school.

Have a good weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

ps. here is my original blog with the words to ‘accidentally green‘. In the audio the last words seems to have been chopped off (they are ‘childhood memories’).

18 thoughts on “Accidently Green (Audio)

  1. What an amazing photo! Those frogs are so cute!

    Best wishes to your Mum, hope all goes well for her.

    I’ll pop over and listen to your poem now!

  2. Ah Gabe, this is wonderful! Makes me look forward to your reading at SpeedPoets all the more. Might be a tad long for the Open Mic round, but I know you have a vast catalogue of wonderful poems to dip in to! Roll on June 6…

  3. Having the frogs come inside & so at ease in your home is a real credit to you.
    We tried raising frogs, & I think the neighbourhood cats, accompanied by the cane toads, negated an extended lifespan. Great poem, great reading & all the best for your Mum & family over the next few weeks.

    1. Not quite inside, but nearly (on the verandah). Cats are a great hazard for frogs and really need to be inside or in a cat enclosure. Shirl is the toad exterminator! Thanks Jane.

  4. I live very near my granddadโ€™s house ,now falling down.
    When my mom (mum for you :)) was growing up they were very close to self-sufficient. Enough so that the great depression did not change their standard of living at all ,even though a great deal of money was lost.
    Sometimes I wonder just what has happened to us. No one was anymore accidently green than my grandaddy.

    The title is just brilliant and I love the whole poem.
    Thanks for the audio.

    the frogs are nice too

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