20 thoughts on “Bone Collector

  1. Makes me wonder if people, women, ever lived with wolves like dogs live with us. Scary idea, the bones reforming then transforming and for me, your poem gives the story the werewolf feeling. A dimension I can’t quite reach but can feel its presence… like just maybe it could happen!

    1. Anything is possible Stafford. It’s not meant to be scary, rather liberating, but down the track certain religions changed the text to make La Loba and her ilk to be of a more evil persuasion (but they had an ulterior motive). That is why the wolf in fairy tales is often seen as scary.

  2. When we each find ourselves, at some time in our lives, at that “place we all know in our souls” there is indeed a great deal of pondering “what song to sing”.

    I have very much enjoyed this. The word “becomes” so strong in that pivotal statement/expectation.

    I have stumbled in here on a coffee break wander. I doubt I will stumble when next I return.

  3. I love ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves.’ I also love this poem. Your final line is sheer genius. Delicious and profound.

  4. yes! love this poem. i have a copy of that book but havent opened it in years, will have to dust it off now and return to the wild. beautiful work gabrielle!

  5. I was enjoying a perfect weather, maybe an Australian weather, in the garden, doing nothing for a few days and when I finally woke up, bang, bang, bang, so many interesting things here. You were not in the garden!
    I love this poem and find it also liberating,a powerful woman and not an evil witch.

  6. Your diversity of subject matter always impresses me Gabrielle. Thanks for this lovely wild verse, there is a great deal in it I understand.

  7. Yes! My brother is the bone collector in my family. I had not heard of La Loba but will be doing my homework on her Gabe!

  8. Oh my goodnes! I love this, the transformation at the end is so appropriate to how I was feeling yesterday. i feel like those dry bones, just waiting to hear the song that will stir me to new life. I hear it, but it is yet faint. Maybe I just need to listen a little harder.

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