A volcano burped lava in


media commentators hoped the
ash plume would cool the earth
and block her tear ducts
some planes were stopped for a while
a blip on their radar
carbon emissions dipped an incy bit
it was perceived as a major hiccup for passengers
the effect was stunning
in its mediocrity
we await the arrival of aliens
to undertake the hard work

what a joke!

12 thoughts on “Volcanic Burp

  1. oh gosh, so true, I wrote something about the alien response to our attitude to the earth recently too

    (Crafty green poet)

  2. “and block her tear ducts” – how true!!!

    Is it just me, or is Mother Earth rebelling (and with good reason!)?

  3. Timely comment GB!
    Brad is right. Nature reminded us that we are subject to its whims and the cleverer we are the more vulnerable we become. All the financial ‘products’ in the world do not grow on carrot or plant a tree and the idea of aliens doing the work? So short sighted that we encourage ‘peasant aliens’ to pick the fruit we eat while we stretch our credit cards to ‘eat’ too much!

    Living within our means is almost a crime with economic growth our holy grail. Don’t get me started!

    Black Economy.

    Black plumes of volcanic ash
    Economies feeling the lash
    Greece on its knees
    A salary freeze!
    What is it with Wogs and cash!

  4. I haven’t forgotten the footage of Putin with his shirt off. It’s ingrained in my brain but not in a good hubba hubba way.
    Love social commentary in poetry. And boy, was that one big burp!

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