If you think I have been writing a bit tribally lately, that may be because I’ve been writing some pieces for Radio National’s My Tribe project.

I was chuffed to find out that my story ‘my blogosphere is a rainbow flavoured ice-cream’ (which I blogged about ages ago here) has been selected for the 360documentaries online Showcase.

My blogosphere has expanded since I wrote this piece and today I would have many other bloggers to include. I would put you all in if I could. Maybe I’ll need to write an updated version.

Here is the Showcase. I have a pseudonym in the ABC  POOL website (which is where you upload My Tribe stuff) and it is GB.

Many people think I’m a male and a frog.

Here is a bit of information about the My Tribe project, from the 360 website.

‘My pack, my posse, my people, my network, my family, my mob. As human beings we are born to relate to each other and hang out together. 360documentaries is developing My Tribe; a public exhibition that explores identity and community – and we want you to contribute.

Call for entries

Tell us about a group of people or community that you belong to or love or identify with. They might be your relatives, your friends, your enemies, live near you or on the other side of the world. Maybe you share a common interest or you’ve been thrown together by happenstance.

Share your story in any form: writing, audio, video, photos or any other medium you like and you’ll be in the running to have it:

* selected for the 360documentaries online Showcase

* broadcast on ABC Radio National’s 360documentaries

* screened at Federation Square in Melbourne

The producer of the best audio piece will also win the chance to work as a freelancer on their own radio documentary with the 360documentaries team.’

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