little master chefs

It’s my birthday today this May 16th and we have been cooking up a storm! Well, making cakes anyway.

crazy face cake

My kids Michael and Tessa love the show Master Chef. Today I thought we would have a cake making Master Class and they didn’t object.

Michael, like many kids with autism, can’t eat wheat (gluten) or dairy (casein) so these are special cakes. The icing is just melted dark chocolate.

The kids did most of the work.

Tessa and cakes

32 thoughts on “Master Class for Little Chefs

    1. Ha,ha, a hamster chef session (what’s being cooked!) Thanks screamish. It will be your turn before you know it (one of the unwritten rules of parenting is the cake cooking thingy).

  1. I have never known a Taurus who didn’t love chocolate! Happy Birthday Gabrielle, have a wonderful day with your family! 🙂

    1. I’ll tell them that! Thanks Stafford. This Taurus had a very good (and filling) birthday. I just love the teeth on that cake – in fact I ate half a packet of those teeth (they are one of my favourite lollies) 🙂

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY & the very best of everything for the year to come, from a fellow Taurean. Children are looking as happy as the cake !!!! I don’t want to know who ate the eyeballs. Who said you cannot have your cake & eat it to.
    xxxx have the best day .

    1. Thanks Jane you fellow Taurean (happy birthday when yours comes round) – now it all makes sense – ha,ha. Sorry to have missed you in Brisbane but will definitely catch up next time.

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