I’m in Brisbane for a week to be here for my Mum. She is having an operation on Tuesday and will be in hospital for 3 days. We’ve had a lovely mother’s day with her at Kenmore Hills.

She is in her eighties, so any operation is risky but I’m sure all will be fine. The actual operation is fairly routine, but she has a weak heart and this complicates things.

While in Brisbane poet Paul Squires made a recording of me reading a poem for his Braul series. I am reading Sunday Spaghetti.

I tried to learn a poem off by heart but my memory is shot to pieces. Thank you Paul for taking the time to record me 🙂

29 thoughts on “The Braul – Sunday Spaghetti

  1. Great to see you in person, Gabe. Sunday Spaghetti is one of my favourites of yours. I’m all for a beach party.

    This was such a treat.
    P.S. I like your necklace.

  2. You read brilliantly Gabrielle and it was a treat to put a lovely face to your lovely voice. Excellent. 🙂 Best wishes from Canada for your mother’s speedy recovery.

  3. Such a great poem – Brisbane can be such a fantastical inspiration / muse for wonderfully weighty words. I loved your reading … and especially your smile at the end! 🙂

    I wish your mum a speedy recovery!

  4. beautifully done gabrielle. a wonderful video and you have a gracious and whole
    lovely presence. star quality and natural affinity. love your voice, it has range and resonance in a unique way i have never heard before and captures my attention completely. bravo! encore!

  5. i meant i have heard your voice before but have never heard another one like it. kind of like the distinctions between singers. a distinct sound. and the video not only gives a gimpse of you which was wonderful cause i felt like i was in the room with you, but also gives dimension to the series.

    and i do hope your mothers operation is a success and she recovers quickly.xxx

    1. Thanks Ben. I’m on a balcony on the fourth floor of some apartments in Brisbane (really nice place we’re staying – very clean – no smells of dogs and stuff – ha,ha).

  6. What a delight! Thank you, Paul, for being the agent, and thank you Gabrielle for being brave! Your modesty adds additional charm to the beauty of the poem. Hope your Mom’s tests go well and that she has a swift recovery.

    Like the others, how I wish I could just fly there tomorrow and join the party. How glad I am that even far away I can enjoy the fun.

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