A boy and a dog called Jazzy

Best friends
can be short or tall
bright or quiet
booky or sporty
anything at all
mine just happens to be
a goofy, woolly
poodly, woodly
type beastie
with a coat of gold
soft as marshmallows
melting in the camp fire
pinkest tongue
cool wet nose
that reminds me when
a hug is due
boofy head
that rests on my legs
like I’m the best pillow
following me from room to room
my loyal shadow
liquid eyes
of chocolate brown
forever sad
even when eating
but a shaggy, waggy tail
a heart filled with happy
jazzy, fizzy stuff
that bubbles all around me
tickling me with love.

30 thoughts on “A boy and a dog called Jazzy

  1. Yayaya. someone should do a collection of dog poems. There are so many. I even read one by Pable Neruda the other day. This one is a delight, it rocks and rolls and sings and that makes it a perfect poem for children.

  2. Thanks Gabrielle for introducing Jazzy so lovingly.

    For Jazzy.

    Steaming bowls of chicken noodle,
    Other yummy plates of food’ll
    Fill your face full.
    But for faithful,
    Nothing beats a Labradoodle!

    1. Hahahaha! That is a splendid poem (and chicken is Jazzy’s favourite food). She is faithful, that’s for sure (and isn’t that what we humans so love about dogs). Your poem can go in the dog poetry collection (see above comment).

  3. wonderful, wonderful joy there is when reading this poem about a dog. i am a dog enthusiast too. this is sheer happiness for me gabrielle. thanks.

  4. The sad eyes part got to me – even when eating. Some dogs have the saddest eyes. They are wise creatures *sniff*

    Your dog is so cute. I want one. Such a wonderful poem, Gabrielle!

    1. You’ve definitely got the blues haven’t you Selma – I’m not surprised after your series of bad events – I’m sure something magical will happen very soon just for you. Labradoodles are gorgeous but their coats are hard to look after, that’s for sure.

  5. This poem is precious — it made me melt. 🙂 Your Jazzy is beautiful, and she sounds like a wonderful and loving familiy member, friend, and companion.

  6. this jazzy dog poem has a great rhythm — which is to say it really swings! (and it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing….)

    this one swings like a dog’s tail wags!

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