The Gouldian Finches have been breeding up a storm in Andrew’s aviary.

Adults and Juveniles

As you may remember from an earlier blog, Zorro and Senorita managed to breed in our indoor aviary.


Since moving to the deluxe suite in the backyard, we have had four more clutches hatch and another clutch is about to hatch (or there may already be chicks inside) in one of the nest boxes.

Nest Box

The chicks  take about 21 days to develop the full set of feathers and to leave the nest box. It takes a few months before the chicks and juveniles begin to get the beautiful colours of the adults.

The creamy white and yellow juveniles are gorgeous and are the offspring of Sapphire and Jeff, who both have red heads. I can’t wait to see how they colour up at maturity.

Adults and Juveniles

The fathers do most of the feeding of young (just like the male emus I was telling you about previously).

Good to see the males getting stuck into the parental duties.

So now we have about 25 to 30 Gouldian Finches.

Sapphire (female adult) and Juvenile

Well done little birdies (and Andrew).