There has been a lot of talk lately about the topics of water and birds in poetry. It all began when Tara Mokhtari reviewed ‘The Best Australian Poems 2009’ Black Inc. in the Overland blog. She complained that the anthology included way too many poems about water and birds.

Brad at his blog Maekitso Cafe responded in his unique style with a series of five very entertaining blog posts.

By coincidence (and this happens all the time in the blogosphere) the lovely Selma in the City wrote a blog post about spirit, water and birds. She was unaware of the ongoing water and birds debate raging at the overland.

Also by coincidence Gretchen Miller, producer from the ABC POOL is asking for submissions for two projects (to be broadcast on national radio) – Birdlands and Rivers.

This started my little brain firing and trying to understand why humans have a thing for water and birds (well many of us do). So here is my response in the form of a poem.

Water and Birds

We are water
we are sea
we are salt
blood and tears
cradled by skin and bone
until death
releases the floodgates

we are birds
we are spirit
we are flight
mind and soul
that soar to another place
when life
incarcerates the body

when dead
the bird returns
to commune again.