Letter to Colour enters the Specusphere

Letter to Colour enters the Specusphere

Rainbow Lorikeets

I am chuffed to announce that my poem Letter to Colour has been published in this edition of The Specusphere webzine. My poetry seems to be finding a niche in the speculative fiction (science fiction/fantasy) arena. This is not a planned focus but simply reflects the dreamlike state of my head much of the time (and why I keep falling through clouds).

Follow this link to read Letter to Colour in The Specusphere and other wonderful things speculative fiction.

The poem and comments on the original blog posting can be found here.

If you don’t know about The Specusphere this is a description from the horses mouth, so to speak.

‘The Specusphere is a hub of interaction between writers, artists, fans, publishers, producers and thinkers who have a passion for speculative fiction in Australia.  Speculative fiction encompasses fantasy, science fiction, horror, magic realism and more.’ (specusphere website)

Next I might hit them with my waking up in a coffin about to be cremated poem.

34 thoughts on “Letter to Colour enters the Specusphere

    1. Your too sweet Selma. I did a sleep study once and the neurologist looked at the graph and said ‘that’s definitely not normal’ – I have greater and more frequent access to the REM state than most people (a relative of narcolepsy they think) – I have been known to dream with my eyes open – weird but wonderful too.

  1. Congrats, Gabrielle! What a wonderful poem that made me see colors I’d forgotten (or never even known). I’m almost scared to click on the coffin/cremated link… but here I go!

    1. Glad you liked it Bryan. It’s all true – I was really depressed when I found out ‘the facts’ about colour when I was younger – made me feel like the world was one big deception.

  2. good news gabrielle! it is a wonderful poem, and tho it seems a very natural sort of observation beautifully written it does have that supernatural sense as well. i love the way that it does both. congratulations, you have an awesome talent and an impressive long list of other publications and features that goes hand in hand with it, here’s to you! cheers!

    1. Is it? It’s one of my favourites as well – we all had a good conversation about our feelings toward colour and the harsh reality of life and knowledge (that’s the best thing about blogging – philosophical repartee of sorts). Thanks Thomma Lyn.

  3. Great news! I have re-read this and I am not sure that the colours are the real betrayers. Who took away the light? Am I being too pedantic?

    1. Ha,ha. It’s all about love Brad – when you love someone you don’t want their heart with another (it was always a bit one sided me and colour – I’ve learned to accept it now).

  4. Bravo Gabrielle,it is a beautiful poem.
    Have you ever discussed colours with someone? It is like politics, difficult to have a general agreement.
    Is this a grey, a warm grey, a cold grey, a beige, a white? (like the different shades in the background of your blog)

    1. Thanks Ben and you are right about colour being like politics; people have strong feelings about the subject. The concept of cool versus warm particularly seems to throw some people (especially red). I think people have a personal relationship with colour and it runs very deep, even subconscious (very primal – a bit like smells).

  5. Brilliant writer, brilliant lady and brilliant news! The poem was was like taking a walk up a rainbow and back down again, collecting feelings along the way.

  6. oh i am way too late..everybody has already said everything, i hate that.

    a copy of the childers/woodgate free paper found its way to me this week and I thought of you…

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