Well here goes nothing. On request by Dhyan and others, I have recorded my poem Caged Birds.

It is a bit difficult embedding an audio link so here is a link to Internet Archive, where I’ve posted the audio file. I tried to embed it but it didn’t work (if anyone knows how to do it give me a hoy). Just click on the link and then click on the play button at the far right.

Caged Birds (audio)

Hope that works!

24 thoughts on “Caged Birds – Audio

  1. the dimension of your voice, marvelous. i feel the words more deeply, and admire the clarity that comes through in an easy relaxed way. exceptional!
    enjoyed it immensely, great piece!

  2. Brave of you! Nice to put a voice with the writing. I had trouble with the download speed (wireless broadband) and wonder if that is a problem with my set-up or the file size.
    I have no trouble usually with u-tube music, for instance. Anyway, I look forward to your next audio offering!

    1. Thanks Stafford. Don’t ask me about technical stuff – I know little of these things – but I don’t think the file is very large – maybe it was windy! (I lose reception on my mobile broadband when it is windy and cloudy).

  3. What a lovely poem and so nice to hear your voice again. You will have to do more of these. Happy Easter to you all.

  4. Here goes nothing? Natural. Relaxed. Well paced. This is something else, Gabrielle. I reckon you will be a seasoned podcaster in no time flat, and a brilliant one at that. Will you take requests?

    1. You’re too kind Brad – all I can hear is my shaky voice. Yes, I’ll take requests. I remember you emailed me all those instructions on how to podcast (I will have to go back and try to find them – that is the way tipota said I should do it, so you are both right I’m sure).

  5. I adored hearing you read this! When I read it, the words were powerful and moving, but your voice added a dimension to certain lines that felt like wind rushing past me. Stunning! I hope you do more of these Gabrielle, because your voice is strong and certain when you read.

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