Ebeth the Emu

Ebeth the emu from Woodgate
strode elegantly home, but was too late
she arrived at her nest
to find hubby at rest
and her eggs in the mouth of a big snake

Ebeth the Emu

My friend and artist Benedicte requested to see my emu drawing, so voila!

No laughing please, I did it just for my children – who helped me with the limerick. I’m amazed how quickly time flies as it was 2 years ago that I drew the picture. You’ll notice I crossed out the name Edwina and replaced it with Ebeth. I hadn’t realised there was a series of children’s books with the main character Edwina the Emu. I changed it to Ebeth, which is the name of my husband Andrew’s late mother.

In emu land the husband looks after the eggs in the nest. He then looks after the chicks until they are old enough to fend for themselves. The mummy emu lays the eggs and then goes off to party. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it!

30 thoughts on “Ebeth the Emu

  1. Gabrielle your emu Ebeth is “magnifico”. Really well done, you are a natural! Really no reason not to show your drawings.
    You dont need me anymore to illustrate your poems, snif!snif! (I dont know if it is the same in English, snif! in French is when someone is crying).Ebeth is going to join drawings from friends on my studio wall.

  2. that is a wonderful illustration, gabrielle! dont deny it, you are an artist too! anrtcha arntcha yeah you are. Ebeth the Emu, is quite the heroine I would think.
    alas, there’s a price to pay for leaving mates in charge ha ha oh excuse me thats not supposed to be funny, but limericks kind of do that dont they? love it!

  3. poor old ebeth. nice limerick though…

    emus are great…if you ever want to attract them some blackfellas taught me a trick…you’re driving down some desert road and you see some silly emus running ahead on the road…stop the car, be very quiet, and start whistling…softly…they’re curious silly birds and will come to see what you’re up to. Of course the old blackfella that taught me this then finished the lesson by saying “and then ya wait til he’s got ‘is head next to the window and BAM! you pull i’m into the car!” (cackle)

    1. Good onya! Cows are a bit like that. I was on school camp in highschool and a bunch of us were at the edge of a field singing songs – next thing we were completely surrounded by cattle.

  4. If you think Emu roosters have it tough, spare a thought for the poor old male red-back. Well, he never gets to be old because once he has had his way with his mate, she eats him! Nice lmerick too. Gabrielle, you give the gift of smiles. Thanks.
    And Screamish, I agree emus are great, especially casseroled!

  5. I like the drawing.
    There was one running around loose behind the country mechanics shop a while back.
    He kept a loaded shotgun nearby.
    ” If it comes back I am gonna kill that @*$$* ENU”
    he always said eNu just too funny.

    thanks for this, I learned something

      1. Yes, I live in North Carolina.Some people raise emus and ostriches around here.This particular eNu did not like farm life too good.I doubt they ever caught him.

  6. Ebeth is cool. I can see her starring in a children’s book sometime soon. My niece and nephew who live in the US would love this – they are really into Aussie animals!

  7. Put a smile on my face Gabe! Ebeth… what a beautiful name. I love the older, more traditional names. My grandmother was Constance and I still think it is one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard.

  8. Ebeth could easily be written into an adventure story of limericks in a ebook πŸ™‚ Ebeth the Emu in Ebook I loved this, because it’s got what my daughter calls bounce. πŸ™‚

      1. Ebeth the Emu in Ebook – hmmm! Emu’s do have bounce and flounce and attitude. At the moment I only have time for my silkie chicken books (Pompadour and Blanca) which I’m working on with Benedicte and Aletha. Maybe Ebeth could be a guest star in one of those books.

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