24 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. Great piece Gabe. I have to say that i too am a sparrow fan… don’t see too many of them around Bris anymore. The Mynahs seem to have kicked them out.

    1. I seemed to have attracted a bunch of sparrow fans – who knew! I remember in my school days there were hundreds of sparrows trying to get to the breadcrumbs. I haven’t seen any for a while either (but plenty of swallows).

  2. She is a little beauty. Such a clever poem. However, I also am fond of the sparrow, humble as she may be. We used to get sparrows around here but the Noisy Miners chased them off!

    1. It would appear that all my readers love the sparrow – this just proves that you are all a truly lovely bunch of people (unlike that unruly mob of other people in the world that wouldn’t give the sparrow a second thought). Thanks for stopping by Tracey.

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