24 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. Great piece Gabe. I have to say that i too am a sparrow fan… don’t see too many of them around Bris anymore. The Mynahs seem to have kicked them out.

    • I seemed to have attracted a bunch of sparrow fans – who knew! I remember in my school days there were hundreds of sparrows trying to get to the breadcrumbs. I haven’t seen any for a while either (but plenty of swallows).

  2. She is a little beauty. Such a clever poem. However, I also am fond of the sparrow, humble as she may be. We used to get sparrows around here but the Noisy Miners chased them off!

    • It would appear that all my readers love the sparrow – this just proves that you are all a truly lovely bunch of people (unlike that unruly mob of other people in the world that wouldn’t give the sparrow a second thought). Thanks for stopping by Tracey.

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