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Emus occasionally visit our little village on the shores of Hervey Bay. This is a vacant block of land next door to our house. I’m am a bit wary of emus, more so than I am of kangaroos. They know no fear. My dog Jazz decided to chase an emu one day and the emu turned around and chased Jazz (she put her tail between her furry legs and did the bolt).

17 thoughts on “Emu Capers

    1. One of the main reason we moved here was the wildlife – the national park is our back yard and the sea is our front yard. I want to do more bush walking, but am allergic to pollen so am waiting for it too cool down (shouldn’t be long now) – it’s either that or wear a gas mask, which is not a good look.

    1. Would that be ‘paws’ you refer to (the feet?). It’s funny, you know I don’t draw much, but I have made a drawing of an emu, to go with my emu limerick I wrote ages ago – I might post it one day (if people promise not to laugh) – the kids loved it.

      1. No, I was referring at a pause models do in live figure drawing. These birds must move, so it could be a 1 or 2mn pause, my favorites.
        I wont laugh, show us your drawing.

  1. Emus are funny looking creatures , but until you see them close up you don’t realise just how big and menacing they are. I’m sure some people are friends with emus, but they are just so big! Kangaroos look cute, not funny, but even an adult kangaroo can cause you damage if you get in its way. I say admire our wildlife, but leave it alone to get on with its business.

    1. I hadn’t either until I moved up here. Often I see them in empty fields (after a harvest) and occasionally they come into town (but that photo was taken a year ago and I haven’t seen them again). They can run really fast. The father raises the young, which I think is pretty cool, while the mother pings off to party!

    1. Ha,ha, – thanks for that 47whitebuffalo – they are pretty Jazzy and cool I think – they have an attitude (which until you’ve met one you may not get) – don’t mess with an emu.

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