Caged Birds

I saw a Scarlet Macaw
in a cage
in a zoo
and wished the bird was flying
there was a regular at the local
who plastered ceilings daily
and got plastered every night
dreaming of the great
lottery escape
there was a brow-beaten husband tied
to the wife by rope
of familial expectation
dreaming of her
early demise
there was a young man
trying on a thousand costumes
to net a fathers approval but
dreaming of dancing
in dresses
there was a teenage girl
obsessed with figures
trapped by her craving for control
dreaming of the perfect
skeletal frame
there was a elderly mother
earned the right to be nursed
but nursed instead an adult son
a damaged man
with a bruised brain
dreaming of waking
in the arms of angels
there was an ageing junky
swallowed the daily ‘done
shattered veins had long refused service
dreaming of more
than maintenance
there was a father
who brutally beat another man
under the influence of speed and stupidity
dreaming of life with his blood
instead of life inside
I saw a scarlet macaw
in a cage
in a zoo
and wished that I was flying