Part 1. Discussing Weather

how’s this weather

I propose the weather report
go to the front of the news

it’s the first thing we talk about
with friends, relatives
bus stop strangers

sports can go at the back
followed by the news
which often contains
lots of weather stuff

hope the rain clears this afternoon
my potatoes will rot if this rain keeps up

is it weather we are discussing
or are meteorological sentences
merely snippets of social lubrication
icebreakers for awkward moments
like filling in a hole in the road
to keep traffic flowing

this wind is getting inside my head
hope the kids are rugged up

unwritten rule
for weather conversations
or risk social alienation


Mrs Smith
senilic haze
sans hearing-aid notes
lovely weather we’ve been having
as monsoonal rain hits the roof
like bucket loads of jagged stones
dropped onto tin
yes, lovely weather
is the polite response

weather’s taken a turn for the worse
better take your brolly

we talk about the weather
to all of those we meet
is primal fear stirring
beneath the cortex deep?

what about that tsunami off Chile
those floods are causing havoc out West

to overcome a natural reserve
talk about the weather
it is a simple greeting
nothing more and nothing better.

Gaawd it’s hot
It’s cold enough to freeze the …