blue skies
better to laugh than cry
My head is in need of some light.

We can safely say the drought is over. Queensland is saturated and extensive flooding is affecting many small towns, particularly in the South West. Towns like Charleville, Cunnamulla, St George and the list goes on. It is bad news for people living in the flood affected areas, but the good news is that most dams are full to overflowing. We sure as hell needed the water. Now a bit of sunshine would be nice.

11 thoughts on “Let the sun shine

  1. Australia’s weather is all over the place. One minute it’s hot as hell, the next we’re flooding and feeling like Noah. Even Canberra’s had rain, and that’s miraculous! Oh dear, I sound religious.

    1. Ha,ha – we wouldn’t want that would we! And Melbourne cops the worst hail storm on Saturday (the poor dears aren’t used to the icy storms). Today most of the roads are blocked – lucky my kids are sick so I don’t have to negotiate the ‘track’ to and from school. Thanks for stopping by Nigel.

  2. Crazy weather in many countries…
    The bird looks a bit like a fisher king, but not the right color, Trés joli!

    1. Yes, crazy snow, floods, droughts everywhere. That is a Laughing Kookaburra and they are the biggest member of the Kingfisher family – so you are right. They make a sound like someone cracking up laughing.

  3. I was wondering how you were going with all that rain. I’ve been watching it on the news. Unbelievable.

    That little Kookie is so adorable. Look how fluffy he is!

    1. Thanks Selma, I love it when they fluff their feathers up. It’s amazing – Wivenhoe dam which is near Brisbane and is a massive size, is pretty much full (it went down below 20% in the drought). We’ve had a couple of dry days but the weather is still really hot (like middle of summer) – weird.

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