rosary beads




Our lady of the Rosary

Our mother’s devotion
to another mother’s
devotion to a son
crucified for us all.

A garland of roses
a string of prayers
to Mary for her son
and for her own sons.

Joyful Mysteries
Sorrowful Mysteries
Glorious Mysteries



she douses the flames with meditation while
rubbing well worn beads between thumb and finger

Rosary beads
worry beads.



worry beads (kombolói)


25 thoughts on “Our lady of the Rosary

  1. it takes me to the heart of mercy for some reason i dont know how to describe.
    the heart of motherhood maybe, the inability to resist worry, the opposite of joy
    as part of the responsibility for caring. my grandparents used the worry beads, i enjoyed remembering that too. the sense was that one could fairly accurately predict potential dangers and would benefit by preparation. on the other hand preparation could be self-fulfilling maybe. but there is that space between where devotion in itself contains both and all the shades between

    1. I remember the worry beads from when I lived in Greece – they were everywhere (I’ve still got some). They are a great idea – better than some other ways of reducing anxiety. Thanks for your thoughtful comments tipota.

  2. Fascinating poem, Gabrielle. The upside down cross is a very appropriate reflection on the content too, I think. At the risk of sounding a bit odd, this piece has set me on reminiscing about the years I spent as an Indonesian Muslim in an Australian-Turkish community. All beads on the same string, we are.

  3. I really like tipota’s comment about being taken to the heart of mercy. That conjures up such a powerful message for me. My grandmother carried her rosary beads with her wherever she went and I think used them more as worry beads than as anything devotional. They had a power all of their own.

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