I am very chuffed to be the ‘featured contributor’ on ABC Radio National’s POOL website. Andrew Davies, from the ABC, interviewed me recently and my responses have been thrown in the POOL.

If you don’t know what the POOL is have a squiz. Basically the ABC have built an online community for all Australians. It’s a place where anyone can upload creative work including stories, poetry, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, and animations. It is also a place for individuals to collaborate or remix material. Occasionally the ABC will select pieces to be recorded on ABC Radio.

‘Pool brings together ABC professionals and audiences in an open-ended process of participation, co-creation and collaboration.’  POOL

I’d like to thank Andrew for the opportunity to be interviewed.

P.S In the POOL I have a pseudonym which is GB (but Andrew has busted my cover).

30 thoughts on “POOL interview

  1. Cool interview and well deserved recognition, personally I couldn’t take a nature photo to save myself, yours are excellent.

    1. It is a great concept, it just needs better software (and that will happen). Thanks Tipota. I’ve been thinking about your accidentally deleted blog – maybe you should put a note on your podcast blog to let people know what happened.

  2. Congratulations GB!
    A very good interview, interesting to read. The pool looks like a great project…you are a busy girl indeed.
    If I may say something about commenting, please be patient with slow or non responding-comment people, I am one of them and you cannot imagine the time it takes me to comment or non comment or just thinking about commenting!
    Wanted to comment on your lovely photos and…
    so thank you for posting such nice pictures, it is a real pleasure to look at them.

    1. I’m mainly talking about in the POOL because literally hundreds of people are posting their work and never get any feedback (the software is not the best – and you have to manually check if there is a comment as you don’t get an email notifying you that someone has commented). You are a great commenter Ben. I don’t expect people to respond all the time but occasionally would be good (unless they are a superstar like Stephen Fry whose blog gets 100 comments in the first half hour – ha!).

      1. I know what you mean, I have the same problem in keeping tracks of comments in other blogs than WordPress.
        I agree also that comments are a great incentive to keep going.

  3. Fame! You’re on a roll!

    I don’t know about you but I get about 39 000 updates from Pool about random comments…maybe I should have posted more than just one thing…

    in anycase I think POOL is great…it’s got a fresh spririt (is this English?)…the feeling that you don’t have to be a Booker Prize winner to contribute is very, very nice. I’ve discovered loads of great stuff there…

    ps did you get flooded this weekend???

    1. Thanks Screamish. That’s weird – I don’t know what updates you are talking about. Your pickle post was so good (did you go back to check for comments in the POOL – ha,ha!). Yes, it is very democratic the POOL, though you get the odd nutter on a rampage (but even they have their platform). The flooding was further south but we got a hell of a lot of rain and the place needs to dry out, that’s for sure. Great for the dams.

    2. Do you know the Gordon family (large farms around Childers). There son Connor got hit by lightning on Sunday and survived. He flew 10 metres in the air while on his kayak. His Dad swam out and saved him. He’s fine now and it’s in all the papers (you can google it).

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