Come on everyone, snap out of it!

Just some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the last year or so.

Humpback Whale
Look to the left, look to the right
You looking at me kid!
Look at my lovely fingernails!
Let me back in mummy.
Look into my eyes.
Lorikeet feasting on Malaleuca blossoms
Chinese Silkies and Lorikeets
Pelican (I had to get in the water for this one)
Rainbow Lorikeet
fishy fish (for Aletha)
Fishy Fish (for Aletha)
Close up (for Benedicte)
Water Lilly


14 thoughts on “Wildlife on the shores of Hervey Bay

  1. Well, you’ve certainly cheered me up. The one of the dear little frog on your finger is so adorable I just can’t believe it. You are a great photographer!

    1. I’m glad I cheered you up. I’ve cheered myself up in the process. That little frog is on Tessa’s finger (very small frog). Having a good camera helps a lot with photography! Thanks Selma.

  2. You’ve got a photographic gift! And the power to make me smile! The “Look into my Eyes” photo is brilliant!

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