19 thoughts on “Need a little colour in your life?

  1. They are beautiful creatures. I have been trying to google for reliable information about whether suicidal drowning provides an instant death. There seems to be some controversy between that method, and that of jumping from a high place. I have a suspicion, though, that rainbow lorikeets are the shattered remains of jumping souls that held some hope for reconciliation with their lost loved ones at the moment of impact. I can’t find any ethical discussions about the modes of suicide and their contribution toward the greater good, which take my suspicions into account!

    1. Whether the death is instant is irrelevant – the repercussions live on for generations in those left behind. They are the ones who feel the real pain. I will pop over and see what my photo has inspired Brad. Thanks for stopping by and remember this one word:


  2. The most cantankerous birds in the tree, beautiful to look at though. I saw the first pair outside my window a couple of days ago. That time of year again. How are you?

    1. It’s a great combination – the fiery red and orange against the cool of the blue and green. We get literally thousand’s at this time of year – you have to duck when a flock passes overhead. They completely fill up the trees.

  3. There is always room for more colour in a day! Here’s a lorikeet poem for you Gabe:

    New Year’s day
    the lorikeets’
    drunken song

    Hope you have had a great day,


  4. I love our Aussie birds and I love rainbows. Thanks for the picture. We don’t have these guys down where I live, but we have other birds that bring the wonder of flight to my backyard every day.

    1. Australia has some of the best birds. I’m sure you get some lovely ones down in SA (I love that part of the world – had my honey moon 10 odd years ago at Mr Lofty and there was a lovely finch enclosure in the zoo at the bottom of the mountain – it was magical – now we breed Gouldian Finches). Thanks for stopping by Carolyn.

  5. Btw, have any notions on where I might find a little ‘room with a view’ –the sort of place where one writes, leaves for a little meal within a reasonable walking distance, then returns to write and write until all the writing is done? Any ideas?

    1. Now, that sounds lovely. I think you’ll find that place in writing heaven, and very hard to find in real life. I find the constant intrusions from the real world a bit hard to take when I’m writing. It was easier when I was a carefree student and could work all night and sleep all day. Now everyone wants a piece of me.

  6. I am so sorry you’re feeling blue. We had 12 rainbow lorikeets in our garden today. They are so cute. It makes me gasp when I see their glorious colours because it’s one of those moments when you can’t believe such beauty is naturally occurring. They are something from the world of faery, I’m sure of it.

  7. I am frustrated, I need to see close-ups of these exquisite birds, a close-up around the eye, then the beak and the neck, then the spot where blue green and orange meet…and, and, and…meaning more pictures please.
    I would also like to see your tree blooming with birds.

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