rainy day

number eights
number eights

slimy embrace

beaming Buddha

contented place


rainy day
no Ranidae

quiet sound

noose tightening

smile crumbling

wrack and ruining

29 thoughts on “Ranidai

  1. I love the thought of the Buddha style contented place, the simple beauty of the frog and its pure existence.

  2. That is very clever, and wonderfully made. Environmental poetry is a big part of the way forward for poetry, I think.I would have put the two parts the other way round though, I do like a happy ending.

    1. It’s my little froggy spell. We’d all like a happy ending but is it going to happen. I am a pessimist by nature but would love to be wrong about climate change. Let those horrible denialists be correct.

  3. I would love to be wrong about climate change too. Your poem is so well-conceived and very smart. I really like the rhythm of it. I also love the picture of the frog – what a cute little guy!

  4. GB, the tiny frog’s world is peaceful in the first half-but apparentlly its survival requires ‘rain’–have I got that right? No rain and no frog song? Interesting poem about interconnections–the frog, its home, rain, hearing its voice, noticing its silence and the why thereof. A lot going on in this little poem.

    1. Not exactly. Frogs begins to croak when it rains (they are quiet for long periods of time when it doesn’t rain)as that is a good time to mate (‘slimy embrace’)and produce young. The first section is the natural order of things – it rains, frogs come out to play. Second section – if the frog is extinct then there will be no frog sounds etc….. and we can hang our heads in shame.

  5. My comment over-indulged the zen — I meant peaceful writing about — er, obviously, not so peaceful topic — the angle of vision, a serenity amidst intensity — um, something like that! (No more caffeine when I’m at the computer….)

  6. the rain has really brought out the wildlife Gabe! a delicate, piece of writing, highlighting the fragility of our ecosystems.

    1. Thanks Graham. It’s amazing how this last lot of rain has changed everything – green and tropical like it’s supposed to be. We have a thousand more frogs at Hervey Bay than in Brisbane (where I’m visiting at the moment). Some people may have forgotten the natural way of things where the frogs start madly croaking as soon as it rains heavily.

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