lethargic limbs Batman
my sister whimpers
in the sauna which is
Brisbane in summer

I move
no-where fast
wilting on the front
step viewing platform
to our snapshot of suburban

oppressive heat wraps a
clammy embrace
on skin, hair, clothes
we are fish out of water
drowning in humidity

Mum wipes sweat from her brow
defiantly but in vein
in the kitchen
browning mince on the stove
praying for rain

Dad’s after lunch nap
is supported by the solitary
box air-conditioner
gripping precariously
to the house
dripping condensation

Sunday noises droning
humming, hypnotic
eyelids struggle under the influence
of mowers, magpies
backyard cricket balls
thudding on linseed oil
stained bats
six and out
hysterical kookaburra laughter
from my two brothers

threatening storm clouds
gather for a late afternoon
God throws his first
lightning bolt
behind Mt Coot-tha
getting the sound levels right

cricket finishes in a flurry
of bat, ball and wicket

run for cover
tropical downfall unleashed
on a quarter-acre block

it’s like
someone turned on the air-conditioning
smell of rain on dirt
energy magically returns

tea’s ready
laughs Mum
as she fills plates full of
Sunday spaghetti