24 thoughts on “Boxing Kangaroos (video)

  1. that is so cool! my cats playfight but i cant imagine walking outdoors and seeing these ‘people’ doing boxing choreography. they are so tall! are they friendly with humans? i suppose it depends on each individuals predilections, but this is really amazing to see!

    1. Some are friendly but you are best staying well away from the large males – if they kick you or get you with their large claws, it wouldn’t be good. We have a large kangaroo called Amazon (see previous video) who was bought up by a wildlife carer and is very tame.

  2. How amazing. I can’t get over them just being in your street like that. We get a lot of possums but I have never seen a kangaroo around my area. Too much development, I suspect. What a wonderful thing to see!

    1. It is amazing. Our town is a little unique I think because we are surrounded by National Park (and the sea on one side). We live a couple of blocks from the end of town as well and the kangaroos trust us and cannot resist our grass. Most towns wouldn’t get kangaroos in them (despite what they say overseas).

  3. What a show!
    Must be difficult to go outside, I am sure that a “pshhhhttt, go away” will not scare them.

  4. I could watch these guys all day. But how do you stay away from them if they are right in your yard and driveway? How do you know how to keep yourself safe from their aggression? I mean, it’s not like they’re little cute squirrels chasing each other up and down trees.

    1. They’re pretty safe as long as you don’t spook them with sudden movements. The greatest danger is getting knocked over by a spooked kangaroo which is trying to hop away quickly. They only box occasionally. You stay away from them when they’re boxing and when the males are following the females. Otherwise they are as placid as can be (well these local ones are because they have been here for generations and know us pretty well).

  5. Not all squirrels are cute. We’ve got squirrels in Washington DC that will mug you for your lunch. (“Just hand over the sandwich and nobody gets hurt.”)

    But nothing beats kangaroos. I am so jealous to be living in a kangaroo-less country.

  6. The ‘boxing’ part of the kangaroo’s fighting style is an attempt to get a grip on the head of the opponent. When the head is held, they then attempt to rip the abdomen with the big toe. You can observe that in the video where they were sparring and not really trying to hurt each other.

    How do I know this? I was attacked by a big Eastern Grey jut like the ones in the video and could have been killed if its rips with the big toes had hit the mark.
    It sank its front paw claws into my scalp then tried to disembowel me.

    I escaped when I was able to grip both front ‘arms’ and wrestle it to the ground. Once down, I was able to kick it away. When I was no longer standing it apparently ceased to consider me a threat and nonchantly hopped away to resume grazing.

    My sturdy jeans and thick leather belt probably saved my life but there was a lot of blood and I still bear the scars that oddly remain starkly white on my tanned hide!

    My advice is to be very wary of half tame roos. When there are females in season they will attack an upright human and can cause serious injury and can kill. I would hate to think what a jealous roo could do to a child!

    It might be a good idea to carry a stick when you go near them. I had walked by that same animal several times carrying tools and materials. It chose the one time my hands were empty to attack. Not only agressive but also smart!

    1. Like I said, you have to be wary of males when females are involved. We are always careful around the kangaroos, as around all wildlife and even pet dogs (you never know what can happen). Attacks are still rare considering the population size of the kangaroos throughout Australia and the very small number of reported attacks. Some of the tourists in town are pretty stupid around the roos (especially kids) and I’m always telling them to not go so close.

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family Aletha. I’m going to join Benedicte in the blogosphere for a few virtual champagnes to celebrate the end of the stage show – you must come to. It’s French champagne!!!!!

  7. Wow, that is so cool — I’ve never seen boxing kangaroos before, though I often see wrestling cats. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and yours — and Happy New Decade!

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