I am very chuffed to announce that my poem Orca has been published in the online ezine Third Eye.

Here is the feedback  I received from the editors. I would like to thank them for including my poem in their publication.

‘Orca is one of those poems that pulls you in right from the start. The imagery is especially powerful. Not only that, but the rhythm is just right. Together, this is an irresistible combination. I understand your fascination with the juxtaposition of fear and awe. Power and beauty. Weakness and hope. Orca doesn’t come along every day. Please allow us to add this to the December edition of Third Eye. Our readers will be most excited!’

In case you are wondering – that is not an orca in the photo. It’s a humpback whale which I photographed on my whale watching trip to Hervey Bay earlier this year. If you think it’s hard photographing a humpback it’s nearly impossible to get one of an Orca.

You can find Orca here on my blog.