Wow, I am just blown away to have my little poem Time Travel published in Lunarosity, an ezine run by editor Wayne Crawford (a poet who resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico). The poem has the moon as a character so the title of the ezine is appropriate. And indeed I think some time travel may have occurred with this one as I wrote it on November 29 2009 and it has been published in the record time of 12 days. Don’t you just love the speed of ezines. Thank you Dr Crawford.

Here is the link to Time Travel.

Time Travel

Veiled moon

black velvet coat

embroidered with a trillion pins

of ancient light

a premier occasion

to look back in time.

Published Lunarosity Vol 6, Dec 2009

27 thoughts on “Time Travel

    1. You must not ask stars how old they are? You got me thinking when you commented ‘Colour is the lovely dress that light wears when it goes out dancing’, so now I’ve dressed up the universe for the ball. Thanks Paul.

  1. and here I was: sitting on the edge of the bed at some ungodly hour this morning; staring at a more or less half-naked moon; and thinking little more of value could be said about it. More fool me.

    1. Thanks Brad. This makes me think ‘who is wearing the coat?’ – it could actually be the moon (which was not my intent, but seems to work as well – it’s funny how poems have a mind of their own).

  2. How far back can you see in an infinite universe, difficult concepts to grasp but you have captured a thought perfectly in this piece.

  3. Just some facts for space obsessives like my son Michael:
    It takes 8 minutes for the light from our sun to reach our eyes. Four years for the light from Alpha Centauri (the next closest star) and 1500 years for the light from The Orion Nebular (visible as the 2nd star in Orion’s sword).

  4. this reminds me when the local charity shop had their monthly sale on saturday, and i hesitated over two gorgeous, awe-inspiring heavy heavy black velvet capes, embroidered in silver and gold thread with butterflies and birds…i think they may have been bishops’ robes…i went to buy a coffee to ponder the 60 euros they cost, and when i got back, they were gone…snapped up by an antique dealer….

    so thats exactly what your poem reminded me of…

    1. You must have been so annoyed. That’s exactly the sort of thing I would love to buy – capes are a must have! Having kids inspires a love of dress-ups and you have much to look forward to screamish.

  5. Hey Gabrielle!

    Using the word ‘trillion’ in there is perfect, it’s a beautiful balance between ‘too many’ and ‘a lot’ which is not supposed to trivialise it, but I was thinking how meaningless words like ‘millions’ and ‘thousands’ and ‘hundreds’ can be when used casually :ie there were thousands of ants in the kicten etc Whereas here, ‘trillion’ is just right!

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