Rainbow Lorikeet

This is a true story of my disillusionment with colour. In primary school a teacher taught us about the nature of colour. I was devastated and for the first time in my life I felt depressed. This is why.

A Letter to Colour

Dear Colour,


It’s all over between us

my heart and soul aches.


You have deceived me

let me down

there’s no going back.


I’m such a fool to have been taken in by your warm rainbow embrace.


Enthralling me with strong primary colours

attention grabbing blues, reds, greens

arousing a young mind

to the joys of simplicity.


Enchanting me with subtle shades

azure, apricot

celadon, misty rose



gently caressing my soul

with elegant softness and beauty.


Beguiling me with iridescence

shimmering soap bubbles

lustrous opal, pearl

butterfly wings

beetle shells

blue of human irises.


Captivating me with clarity

of blood-red rubies

brilliant green emeralds

shimmering yellow diamonds.


But it was all just an illusion

a trick from the master magician

a cruel sleight of hand

destroying my faith in the world.


Your heart,

your essence

your being

is with another


You want

need, desire




without light you are nothing

without light you do not exist

without light you are black

the lack of all colour.


That is the betrayal.