Bum Sniffing Beasties

Bum Sniffing Beasties

Don’t dogs just love a good sniff, especially when going for walkies. They sniff dog bums, trees, posts, dead possums, and flowers. I think it’s their way of checking their emails.


These are my dogs Jazz and Sheba. They are Labradoodles, which are a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. Sheba is smaller than Jazzy and a big sook. When I am writing at my computer she lies near my feet, usually behind the slipper chair. Jazz is named after the music Jazz and she is also a big sook. She doesn’t fit behind that chair so she lies on the floor behind my chair. Makes it difficult to move about.

They have wool Poodly type coats which are non-shedding. The Labradoodle was developed by the ‘Australian Guide Dogs’ as a ‘hypo-allergenic’ dog for visually impaired people with allergies to pet hair. They are beautiful, loyal, affectionate dogs, great with kids and somewhat intelligent. Their coats are quite high maintenance and need to be clipped regularly.

Jazzy got very stressed when she first went to the doggy groomers and had widdle accidents for the week after. The vet said ‘don’t go back to the groomers’. So guess who has to clip the dogs. Yes, poor me and I’m hopeless at using shears.  See that photo of Sheba – well, put it this way, she doesn’t look quite like that anymore. Maybe with practice!

Jazzy and Sheba come from a place in the mountains called Doodledom at Cloudcatchers Labradoodles. It sounds magical doesn’t it? It’s located between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast near Mount Warning.

Mount Warning is located in the largest volcanic caldera in the Southern Hemisphere. The mountain is called Cloudcatcher by the locals.

A lovely lady, Kathy Young, runs Doodledom and she adores Labradoodles. She is so nice that she sends our Labradoodles doggy birthday cards on their birthdays.

Now that’s dedication.

16 thoughts on “Bum Sniffing Beasties

    1. They like twitter as well. I’ve always called my dogs ‘bum sniffing beasties’. Australian’s never call things by their real names – nicknames for everything. Thanks for stopping by Rachel.

  1. “somewhat intelligent” Talk about damning with faint praise. That made me laugh. Although the look on their faces certainly supports your assertion. Your home is like an animal wonderland.

    1. We have a different way of describing our Labradoodles intelligence but it’s not suitable for a g rated blog such as this. Seriously, it’s not their fault – we just didn’t train them properly – most Labradoodles are pretty smart. It is a bit of an animal wonderland.

    1. We have a fish in a bowl called Rainbow, we breed Gouldian finches (I’m going to blog about them soon), a fish pond full of fish. Visitors include an assortment of parrots, hares, emus, goannas, frogs and the odd snakes (you must watch out for them little squirrel).

  2. I am waiting for pictures of your animal kingdom, even the snake.
    Your dogs are as good looking as their name are fun.

    1. If you look under the category photos in my blog, you will see many animals in my animal kingdom – frogs, kangaroos emus, whales, goanna, hubby, kids (I posted those photos long before anyone was following my blog so I don’t think many people have seen them). None of the snake – I will post one that I took recently.

  3. Heh. I love the word “labradoodle.” Every time I read it, I get the gigglesnorts. What adorable doggies, and thanks for sharing their pictures!

    And sniffing as a “way for dogs to check their emails” — bwahahaha! Hilarious. 😀

    1. At last someone thinks the email thing is funny! Labradoodle (with the emphasis on doodle) is the best word, just rolls off your tong like Dr Doolittle. I do love cats as well but we have too many other animals and birds around here to keep them. I love all animals (well sharks aren’t top of my list).

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