Today is Tessa’s birthday. She is 7 and having a lot of fun. She has a new ballet tutu and a dolls house. We will have a chocolate mud cake later. Isn’t it fun being a kid. I love being a mum cause I get to play with stuff I never had as a kid. Plus I’m really just a big kid myself.

As we are all sharing photos and videos of our writing areas, here are a couple of photos of my office. I can see the kangaroos in the front garden when I look out the window.

The mess that is my home office.


No matter how hard I try I can never have an organised office but somehow I survive. I am slightly addicted to books and this is just one of my bookshelves. I have others throughout the house but still not enough space. These books must be breeding. A few months back I got rid of hundreds of books. I also have boxed up books in the shed.

Some of the books have only been partially read, as I move onto other ones. Many are reference books and I just dip into them as required. I really like those ‘For dummies …’ books. You know the ones – ‘How to write poetry for dummies’, ‘cognitive-behavioural therapy for dummies’ – ha,ha,ha. I have a lot of books about autism, poetry, psychology, birds, animals, writing, plays (I did a drama major at Uni) and novels.

When I get one of those new fangled digital video devices I will give everyone a tour of the chook yard.