The mess I call my office.

The mess I call my office.

Today is Tessa’s birthday. She is 7 and having a lot of fun. She has a new ballet tutu and a dolls house. We will have a chocolate mud cake later. Isn’t it fun being a kid. I love being a mum cause I get to play with stuff I never had as a kid. Plus I’m really just a big kid myself.

As we are all sharing photos and videos of our writing areas, here are a couple of photos of my office. I can see the kangaroos in the front garden when I look out the window.

The mess that is my home office.


No matter how hard I try I can never have an organised office but somehow I survive. I am slightly addicted to books and this is just one of my bookshelves. I have others throughout the house but still not enough space. These books must be breeding. A few months back I got rid of hundreds of books. I also have boxed up books in the shed.

Some of the books have only been partially read, as I move onto other ones. Many are reference books and I just dip into them as required. I really like those ‘For dummies …’ books. You know the ones – ‘How to write poetry for dummies’, ‘cognitive-behavioural therapy for dummies’ – ha,ha,ha. I have a lot of books about autism, poetry, psychology, birds, animals, writing, plays (I did a drama major at Uni) and novels.

When I get one of those new fangled digital video devices I will give everyone a tour of the chook yard.

30 thoughts on “The mess I call my office.

  1. what a nice office…and SO MUCH LIGHT! (i’l jealous- Im sitting at my desk and its 12 midday and the lamp is on). So you can see kangaroos from your front windows!! how amazing!!!

    pity we cant enlarge your photo to have a look at your bookshelves….!

      1. Wouldn’t it be great if we all took photos of our book shelves and posted them… Book shelves and CD collections are my first stop in any house (other than saying hello of course!).

        1. Ok your turn next Graham. I’m a bit like you – have a squiz at the cd and book collection while visiting (after saying hello). Now I think cd’s also breed by themselves. I do have a whole cd rack dedicated to Bob Dylan – I’m slightly more organised with my music collection – probably because I access it more often.

  2. It would be easier with a video recorder but here tis:
    top shelf – plays (Strindberg, Ibsen, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, lots of ancient Greek stuff – which is my favourite, eg. Aristophanes).
    next shelf – wildlife stuff, social Darwinism (my Dad’s books – he’s a historian), how to write books;
    next shelf – autism stuff – these are the books I read the most;
    next shelf – encyclopedia’s, novels (Dick Francis, Douglas Adams, Lynda la Plante, James Herriot, Tarzan, Stephen Hawking);
    Next shelf: National geographics, Bob Dylan lyrics, Tax folders, photo albums;
    Next shelf – Qld Writers Centre mag., psychology text books, statistics.
    By the way, do you know an archeologist called Ann Wallin?

    1. anne wallin??? ha ha! yes I do. I went to uni with her! she’s a bit older than me but we went thru at the same time. don’t know if she’d remember me though…I did her archaeological techniques class in the lab, we went to Bribie w Jay and what else…did a few classes together….

  3. Only one shelf for Bob Dylan lyrics? My wife and I have a similar penchant for books, in our bedroom are two cases full of speculative fiction, in the living room are three ikea billy bookcases with extensions, filled with reference, nat geos, travel books, hardback novels etc, in my study are two more book cases filled with literature,poetry, plays and how to write books. My wife calls me a book snob because I selected the Dostoevskys, Solzhenitsyns and Bukowskis for my study. I am constantly being accused of anal-retentiveness, my desk only has a 13.3″ laptop and a desk light on it!

    1. I’m really not that organised – I have Bob Dylan books spread randomly throughout the house. Solzhenitsyn’s ‘One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich’ is one of my all time favourite books. You sound very neat. If only I could achieve a desk top like that. Hey Mark you’ll have to post some photos (or video) on your blog.

  4. To see a kangaroo from your window must be amazing. I have only ever seen them when I visit my friend in the bush. We don’t get too many in the inner city 🙂

    Your office looks like a good place to work. Mine is a little dark. The books are taking over.

    Wishing Tessa a lovely birthday. Chocolate mud cake always makes for a good birthday treat!

    1. We have a mob that have taken up residence in our front garden – usually rock up about 4pm when it starts to cool down – they are most active at night. After a while you hardly notice them, except the joeys which are just beautiful. They breed like rabbits these kangaroos. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Tessa had the best day and you would love the dark pink (almost red) tutu she got – she was wearing it most of the day.

  5. What a nice office you have! I, too, work near bookshelves, and they’re jam-packed with books.

    Happy Birthday to Tessa! And oh my, chocolate mud cake sounds simply scrumptious.

    1. Of course you have lots of book, don’t have to be psychic to work that out – ha,ha. The chocolate cake was scrumptious and all gone – sigh! I will pass on your regards. My children are fascinated by my bloggy friends (‘now where does that one live?’ they will say.)

  6. Do you want to trade a squirrel for a kangoroo? A kangoroo in the snow…humm!
    It is a nice office, specially the light, so bright

    1. I’ll trade you a kangaroo for the squirrel and you can trade me some snow for some heat. Then the kangaroo and the squirrel will both be happy. It is very light, especially with the afternoon sun. I often have to close the blinds because of the glare.

  7. Lovely to have a home office…I have a tiny square of a room w/no heat overridden by art & books & costumes. It’s 6×9 so it’s really more like a storage closet. Books are piled in every room of the house and there are more in storage. I wish I could have them all out again. Mostly I write in the living room, roaming around to sit where it is sunny. Sometimes I work outside on the deck where there are monarch butterflies float all winter when it is sunny. The monarchs and I hide when it is dark and rainy.

      1. Thanks for stopping by art predator. It sounds like we all need to have a library added to our houses (in dreamworld) – wouldn’t that be the bees knees! You get so used to the kangaroos that most of the time you hardly notice them – just like dogs lounging around. I used to be scared of the big ones but not even that any more. I love the joeys and never get used to seeing those cuteys.

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