Welcome to my blogosphere, a community of like-minded bloggers. I click on them and they click on me – it’s a lot of fun! It’s a bit like catching up on the daily news except this is news with a literary, poetic and artistic bent. There is also an interactive and synergistic component which leads to further creative explosions. Mind blowing really.


Let me introduce you to some friends from my blogosphere.


Another Lost Shark
Graham Nunn may be Another Lost Shark but he is also a Masterchef of the poetic kitchen. He works tirelessly alongside chefs and apprentices, coordinating the show, gathering ingredients from the marketplace, promoting extravaganzas and inviting guests, divining menus, printing cookbooks, adding the right balance of spices and seasonings, making sure the temperature doesn’t get out of control (these poets can be a hot headed bunch) and serving up exquisite banquets.


The Querulous Squirrel
An intriguing little fluff ball this one.  A critter not to be messed with. So many dark and dangerous traps to be found in her neck of the woods . This little squirrel madly gathers little nuggets of delight from all around, hides them in assorted places, and retrieves them when she needs to create a delectable feast of flash fiction. She was recently awarded a trophy for most productive squirrel in the blogosphere.


Benedicte’s Blog/Carnet de dessins
Benedicte is a lovely French artist living in Montreal. She is funny, wise, immensely talented and has great tastes in cartoons and chickens. She stumbled across photos of my darling Chinese Silky Chickens, Pompadour and Snowy, and felt a compulsion to draw the little beasties. Benedicte posted the wondrous drawings on her blog and a magical roundabout of chicken stories, poems and portraiture had begun.


Aletha Kuschan’s Weblog
Aletha, artist extraordinaire living near Washington DC, loves to draw the fish Koi and they are so splendid that anyone looking closely feels that they may jump right out of the picture and start flopping around on the floor. Do you remember in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ how the painting of the ship becomes real – you get my drift! Aletha owns a hamster called Blanca and Blanca has an ‘online’ friendship with Pompadour. Aletha, Benedicte and myself have developed a collaboration that is centred on the aforementioned magical roundabout of chicken stuff. We are having a lot of fun.


Tennessee Text Wrestling
Let me tell you a little secret about Thomma Lyn Grindstaff. There is nothing she likes better than a nip or two. That would be ‘nip’ as in Novel in Progress. Yes, she’s absolutely mad about writing novels. Not content with the fabulous ‘Mirror Blue’ she has adopted the pace of Kathy Freeman and is continuing the writerly race while under the influence of a couple of strong nips. Thomma Lyn also loves cats, growing vegetables, and hiking through the mountains. We in the blogosphere get to see lovely photos of her adventures.


Maekitso Cafe
Brad Frederickson is an intriguing and battle-scarred poet. His poetry has a mathematical and philosophical flavour and his tweets and emails are imbued with metaphorical colouring. A combination which is probably bad for your physical health, like excessive drinking, but good for social and creative health. He also does pretty cool stuff like printing Haiku onto point of sale receipts. His posts get comments like ‘I’m Speechless….I just dig you man!!!’ (Bindo).


I stumbled across this blog written by screamish, a mother of twins living as an expatriate in France. She entertains the masses with tales (and photos) of all things exotic, such as delightful looking half-naked French men wearing white cotton skirts, wrapped in leather and buckles, fighting each other (an image forever burnt into my brain) as well as heartfelt poems and stories. By strange coincidence she also owns a farm in Childers, a town about 30 minutes drive from where I live, and she used to be an archaeologist (just like my stepmother). Spooky.


I’ve left my favourite to last. Paul Squires, wise and wondrous Brisbane-based poet and author of ‘The Puzzle Box’ was recently voted poet laureate of the universe by his own fans from his blogosphere. He is a magical enigma showering the great unwashed with phantasmagorical poetical and prosical stardust (yes, I made that up – he does it all the time so that’s OK). We all remained unwashed as we want the stardust to remain forever on our skin.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends from my blogosphere. Aren’t they a terrific multicultural and multi-talented mix? There are others but I haven’t room to mention them all, plus they don’t comment enough – ha,ha,ha (gotcha!).