A poetry apprenticeships must include the writing of a sonnet. Here is my sonnet

Plus, gingatao laid his sonnet on the table and I thought I’d raise him a sonnet.


Ruby Valley

(A red-light district known as The Valley)

Dark wine-red eyes hypnotise and draw us in.

The rock star strut and shine with noise, entices

us to come now and stay and play within.

Feel the cutting edge, hard rock vibe, devices.


A succulent fare lures  those who travel

to the valley. Dragons with ruby eyes will wait.

Tough, base, reptilian beasts with breath to dazzle

and singe. Razor-sharp claws elate and deflate.


But  desolation swallows ecstasy

when the party slows down  – and stays too long.

Truth waits in the gutter, exposing debris,

cold rock bottom and used sharps to sit on.


His hidden knife stabs John Doe’s thin white skin

and rank, dark guts, spill out – the two worlds spin.