flaunting assertive flesh
exciting the people.

imitating the Yogi Subbayah Pullaver
with extended verbal levitation
above the heads of the people.

Verbal diarrhoea whilst yogic flying
or pectoral excellence while fly-fishing?

5 thoughts on “Mind your language Kevin

  1. What a cool little poem. Kev is a bit of a waffler but still a million percent improvement on the last vile monster who had the job. Putin is just plain scarey. Your poem is brilliant.

    1. I agree he is a million % over watzizname. I still think of Kevin when he worked in the Office of Cabinet in the Queensland Government (when I was in Qld Health) – he was the king of the razor gang. Putin is very scary – a master puppeteer (from hell) – but the Russian ladies love him and he has a black belt.

    1. Indeed he does – old TinTin (gotta love the hair) – I think I have been watching too much ‘It’s Good News Week’ – they were comparing Putin and Rudd’s chests a few weeks back.

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