Enough of the depressing stuff, now it’s time for some cute pictures. I live in a small seaside village on the shores of Hervey Bay. The population of the town is about 300 but I am sure we have a greater number of resident Eastern Grey kangaroos. When I say resident, I really mean it – every afternoon (and often in the day) my family has the pleasure of a mob of kangaroos invading our front yard. There are usually 10 to 15 of them, the extended family – grandparents, fathers, mothers, teenagers, and babies. They come to eat our grass and to socialise in the cool of the early evening and through the night.

These photos are of a joey who had just recently got up the courage to leave his mothers’ pouch, for a brief look around. It is hard to believe that this joey can still fit in the pouch. Soon his mother will refuse him entry and he will have go it alone – though staying close to his mother, at-foot, until much older. I was having little panic attacks watching him on his adventures (kangaroo-induced anxiety is beginning to replace chook-induced anxiety) especially when hopping across the street. I can see all the action from my home office window.She is such a good mother and the joey is gorgeous. I love the way they are staring at me with such suspicion.

Here are some photos.







This is too scary - please let me back in mummy!
This is too scary - please let me back in mummy!
You are getting so heavy bub - let's move away from that mad woman!
You are getting so heavy bub - let's move away from that mad woman!

14 thoughts on “Joey ventures out of the pouch

    1. I’m sure the joey is having great fun. I do feel sorry for the mum. Did you know that the mum is nearly always pregnant – one at-foot, one in the pouch and one the size of a toenail attached to a nipple in the pouch) and she has to put up with the constant attentions of the males. Poor bugger.

  1. so cute…i love the fact you have roos out and about where you live- I know the area, we have a farm not far from Childers over your way…roos come to drink in the dam, lie around in the shade looking fat and lazy and the joeys who just DONT want to leave home. The last photo reminds me of myself pregnant with twins. ouch!

    1. Wow, near Childers – that is amazing. I love Childers – one of the prettiest towns and the surrounding rolling hills and lush farms are stunning. Glad you stopped by for a look see.

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