This poem fall into my cathartic category, and is mainly written for my old friends and to remember the good old days. Therefore, no literary debate shall be entered into.

Groober the Groover

Gruber the Groover


Gruber said to Gabe, you must be kidding me

this pub is a library, let’s go to the R.E.

Gabe said no. Gruber said see

you crowd are boring, won’t you listen to me

I need some music, boys and beer for my fun

and maybe a little something else to continue the run

but I know one thing, I’m quitting here, I’m done.


Now she did love the boys, as she almost stole mine

to this day I’m in the dark about that particular time

it doesn’t matter, he wasn’t so fine

and I’ve ended up with a man, quite sublime.

Well, Gruber didn’t have much luck, I’ll cut to the chase

she dated Luke the phantom, a little punk case

he was killed at nineteen, what a disgrace.


But that’s not the end of this sad account

for Jane travelled far, she did recount

completing law, revelling grand amounts.

The Groover never did things by half, this is paramount

so I figured when she died at age twenty-nine

that the Lord would promote her straight to divine

status, an angel, now that would be fine!

**Dedicated to the memory of Jane Gruber (the Groover) and Luke Conroy (the phantom).

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