Chook-Induced Anxiety – radio version

My  ‘Chook-Induced Anxiety’ (CIA) was played on ABC Radio’s Country Viewpoint show (Bush Telegraph) last Tuesday (7/7/09) – they forgot to tell me it was on. My headings were edited out at the last minute which makes the content a little confused in places. You can see the original version as posted on the 5th of July.

I must warn you that my voice sounds TERRIBLE (how embarrasment – as Effie would say) at the beginning but sounds more like the real me near the end. This is either nerves or a problem with the actual recording (I didn’t sound like Donald Duck when I did my practice recordings). No matter! Here is the link.

PS – the ABC podcast is no longer available (they only archive sound recordings for 4 weeks).

6 thoughts on “Chook-Induced Anxiety – radio version

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    1. Thanks Paul – I keep stuffing up the links, somehow – one day I’ll get my head around these things. Cheers Gabrielle.

    1. Thanks Louise – It’s not really the country (is it?) – if it was I could have kept the roosters (bloody councils). Cheers Gabrielle

  1. We just finished listening to your recital. It was great to hear it read, and you did well considering I know you were nervous, and sounded a little bit nervous too. Jimmy said it sounded great. I heard him laughing anyway.

    Talk later. Say hi to the gang.

    Lisa x

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