Friday Night from Hell

Friday Night from Hell

ABC Radio National’s City Nights project is out now!

The final blog and links for ABC Radio National’s City Night’s project (from the POOL) can be found here…

Nine works, including my poem ‘Friday Night from Hell’ were selected for the main broadcast on Radio National’s 360 program, which will take place on Sat 5 Sept, at 2pm (and repeated Wed 9 Sept at 1pm).

I threw ‘Friday Night from Hell’ into the POOL for their City Night’s project. It is dedicated to all those yobbos out there who should be kept at home on a Friday night. You know who you are!

The entire broadcast can be heard at

It’s a long broadcast but a great mix of stories, poems, music and atmosphere. My poem is at 40.26 mins if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing – but do because it should be heard together to give the multidimensional effect of the city at night.

The works have been chosen for their lyricism, their powerful narrative, their suitability for performance and the way they both contrast and complement one another.

The stories will be edited to suit a radiophonic production and we hope the authors will put up the final edited text version for you to see. Four fine actors will read the stories – Deborah Kennedy, Toby Schmidt, Tony Barry and Ella Scott Lynch. And of course the 360 touch – a detailed sound and music world to really take us deep into the night. Suggest you listen with the lights off!’ (City Nights POOL blog)

Friday Night from Hell

Swigging a liquid audacity.
Sniffing a powder keg capacity.
Smoking a crystalline steely shell.
Friday night from hell.

Lunging at the passers-by.
Leering and eager to terrify.
Laughing, jeering, trying to repel.
Friday night from hell.

Engorged with testosterone.
Reeking with cheap and nasty colognes.
Grappling a defiant bombshell.
Friday night from hell.

Charging with the wired bulls.
Catching a piercing fistful.
Clashing of the stainless steel arsenal
Friday night from hell.


Producer Gretchen Miller said

‘Every city has at least one street where this poem would apply. Much rich and warlike imagery here—I love the notion of the ‘defiant bombshell’!’

Ka Pow!
Ka Pow!

9 thoughts on “Friday Night from Hell

  1. Hey Gabrielle,

    Had no idea you were poet!!

    What a spin out..

    Well done for getting broadcast!!!

    Hope you guys are well.

    Tom & Nori & Atau and Yuki

    1. Haven’t you been reading the papers! Ha Ha! Is this Nori or Tom speaking. How are Atau and Yuki – Michael has had the flu and has gone back to not speaking very well – It’s like going back in time (he whispers everything). Will give you a ring soon. Miss you all. Gabrielle.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yes, a penguin for a weekend (I do love penguins). The producer Gretchen Miller is pretty good at her job – she also composed most of the music that goes with the broadcast. I like the way the sounds and music make the piece more accessible to the general public (who generally profess to not liking or understanding poetry) – I say if you like lyrics to good songs than you like poetry.

      1. Absolutely. Kiersty Boon has 86 subscribers to her podcast which combines music and poetry. If poetry is done well, like your collaboration with Gretchen, people really enjoy it.

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