A hat tip to Basho’s Thin She Cat

November 2013 031

the family dog -
she’s a little fat hippy
from too much love dude


My apologies to Matsu Basho – hahahaha – I’m bashing his famous haiku:

The she cat -
Grown thin
From love and barley.


The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

russian ballet 2014 006

Nariman Bekzhanov

flight of
the Russian dancer
spirits soar
Nariman Bekzhanov
rapture in the air
the spirit of
Rudolph Nureyev
reach for heaven


My daughter (11yo) and I went away for a girl’s weekend ;)

We saw the Imperial Russian Ballet Company’s Don Quixote. The production was amazing – the costumes, music, and most of all the supreme athletes who make up this ballet company. The technique of the principal soloist Nariman Bekzhanov has been compared to Rudolph Nureyev.

We had the best time!






the man wakes from a (one eye open) sleep

with the sore back on a hard bench

stretch and groan, early, to steer clear

of the passers-by sneer and eye-roll

with quick turn of the head,


and they move along …


at home

way back when

the boy woke from a (one eye open) sleep

with the hard and fast pounding hand of panic

pressing his heart, and iced-up breath in his chest,

as he waited for grave footsteps

and a stale beer breath fog,


and he couldn’t move,


and he can’t move on.


Note: this poem is not based on any one individual.

If you live in Australia and need someone to talk to – you can contact Lifeline (Crisis support and suicide prevention).



Aromatherapy (A Beginners Guide)



When you are down

smell a segment of mandarin,

pungent, sachet of zing.


When you are down

smell toast buttered

and almost burnt


or maybe a cupcake,

straight from the oven

of your childhood.


When you are down

smell the hazy blue

scent of a eucalypt forest.


When you are down

smell a chocolate covered mint

and reflect on a full stomach.


When you are down

smell rosemary and mint,

but not together.


When you are down

smell hickory chips smoking,

away from your cave.


When you are down

smell coffee in a café,

when you’ve not had coffee for a while.


When you are down

smell the invisible mist of jasmine,

the spirit is breathing.


When you are down

smell rain on soil and listen -

fresh seedlings sing.


When you are down

smell freshly baked bread

that someone else has made.


When you are down

smell the stuffing of an antique shop,

and travel through time.


When you are down

smell a baby’s soft neck

but remember to ask the mother.


Rainbow’s End in Sochi

We will rain on your parade Putin

for chasing the rainbows away,

for covering the ice snow in Sochi

with the blues and the blood

of stray dogs and the bruised

Pussy Riot in their bright colours,

their shirts and short dresses

made for a place of greater warmth.


Cossacks will horsewhip the populace

into a Papier Mâché face

with smile, plastered in red

for the world to admire and deny

the destruction of human rights

in Russia, in this Olympic space,

say the girls in the brightly coloured

ski masks which hide their faces,

but not their song.

A delicate balance,


A delicate balance,

spinning in deep space

but hanging on with a weak grasp,

grounded by gravity

but rooted in a skeletal soil,

breathing in the thin

swathe of gases embracing this earth.


A fragile kiss of life

on the eucalyptus lips,

lips which will then part

and exhale for us all

who breathe today

but maybe not tomorrow.



Note: Photo by Gabrielle Bryden

Book Review (Rick Daddario’s new collection of Haiga)

 this is not that haiga book cover 1 sml 6x

You may remember Rick Daddario the wonderful photographer, artist and poet from Hawaii who has been a guest on my blog previously.

Today I am writing about Rick’s new (2012) book of art and poetry in the form of Haiga called This is Not That – They are Just Connected (Becoming Haiga ~ Haiku within Image).

Haiga is a haiku placed within an image to create one work. The image and the haiku can individually stand alone, but there is an added magic when taken together. Ideally an interaction of sorts where the sum is greater than the parts.


Rick talks about the process in the introduction:

… a process of discovering relationships between image and words. Ideally the end result will engage the mind. I enjoy creating haiga. I learn by doing, as well as by seeing what others do. It’s also fun to simply play – which to me is an intensely focused way to create.

What better person to produce Haiga than Rick who is not only a talented artist but an experienced and skilled writer of haiku. Each page in the book is a sumptuous combination of art (or photography) with one haiku.


Reading the collection is akin to experiencing exquisite moments where one is suddenly awakened to the now; a meditative excursion in time and space through the eyes of an aesthete, eyes which are attuned to capturing the essence of life’s ups and downs, beauty and sadness. A  book of Aha moments where there is sudden clarity in the mist.


I love this book :D

It is a pleasure to have this collection of Haiga on my bookshelf and to be able to leaf through the pages when in need of inspiration and hope. If you want to see more examples of Rick’s work or to find out about the availability of his new book just pop over to his 19planets blog.